• Eye Hospital In Hyderabad
  • Eye Hospital In Hyderabad
  • Eye Hospital In Hyderabad
  • Eye Hospital In Hyderabad
  • Eye Hospital In Hyderabad

Best Eye Hospital in Vizag, India

Maxivision is truly a super specialty hospital network for quality eye care by experienced and qualified super specialist doctors to treat entire gamut of eye diseases, under one roof. Feel free to fix an appointment and visit any of our specialists, who are dedicated to give you the best eye care advise or treatment, in your city.

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21 Hospitals
70+ Doctors
5 MillionEyes Treated

Best Eye Specialists of Vizag

Vitreo Retinal Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr P Muralidhar Rao

Dr. Vengala Rao

Cataract & Lasik Surgeon

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Vitreo Retinal Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr P Muralidhar Rao

Dr. Sreenivas Rao CH

Senior Glaucoma & General Ophthalmologist

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Vitreo Retinal Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr P Muralidhar Rao

Dr Madhavi Majety

Fellow - Cornea
Cornea & Lasik Surgeon

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Eye Care Services

The Cornea is a clear structure that contains bloods vessels and proteins. If the Cornea is affected, it could lead to a loss of vision. Most of the corneal diseases can be treated with timely diagnosis, and properly advise by your corneal specialist on medication or suitable surgeries. Keratoconus, Corneal Ulcer, Dry Eyes, are some of the most common diseases in India.

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Cornea Treatment In Telangana

Leadership Team

Eye Care Hospital Chairman Maxivision In Hyderabad Dr. Gs Velu

Dr. G.S.K. Velu


Refractive Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy

Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy

Founder & Co Chairman

Eye Specialist Mentor Maxivision In Hyderabad Dr Premraj

Athmanathan Ganesan

Vice Chairman & Group CFO


5 Million Eyes Treated

With a legacy of stellar eye care services, dating back to 1991, Maxivision Eye Hospitals has treated over 5 million eyes treated. With 21 hospitals and 70+ Doctors across the country, our technology surpasses all standards of normalcy, making us the pioneer in the domain of eye care. We've helped people of all age groups through their journey from darkness to light. The support and technology we've provided through the years, has always been at an affordable cost for our patients. Our Mission and vision are simple; to make quality and highly affordable eye care easily available to every citizen of India; from any segment of the society - rural or urban.

Patient Speak

  • My aunt had undergone cataract surgery for both eyes in maxivision few months ago and had a pleasant experience with the treatment. The assistance she received was good and surgery was operated by high graded professionals. The overall results were satisfactory.

    Sivaa Nanda

  • I have undergone customized PRK surgery successfully in maxivision. My vision was improving day by day finally I got 6/6. Thank you so much Dr. Nitin sir and supporting staff also.

    Anil Kumar

  • I'd undergone customized lasik surgery where a customized procedure is available in maxivision which has resulted me with a very good vision from the next day itself. Surgery took only ten mins which is painless. Thanks to Dr. Nitin and team who made the treatment possible and hassle free.


  • I approached maxivision for PRK after coming to know that they are specialized for lasik and PRK with advanced technology. It's true and I under went customized PRK. Procedure was so simple and recovery time is quite fast. Thanks to Dr.Nitin who made me comfortable through out the procedure. Thanks to other staff who took care post procedure.

    Ganapathi Sharma

  • My father had undergone cataract surgery for both the eyes in the last month in this hospital. The systems and process inherited in the center made the things easy as a patient for my father and as a attendee to me as well. When I was waiting for my fathers turn for surgery, every time I found that at least a person comes and asks if we needed help. The trained staff is great with extended hands for support. With this kind of personalized service, maxivision will definetly cater more patients in future. All the best.

    Yugandhar Madabathula