Maxivision has been at the forefront of vision care technology revolution in the country. Since being the first eye care institution to introduce LASIK in India, Maxivision has been the pioneer in introducing the latest & highly sophisticated technology in ophthalmic care here, which is also quite affordable for everyone.
We believe in using technology that's easily affordable, without the external cost factors creating issues during procedures. No stone is left unturned and no procedure is compromised. Every treatment is performed ONLY after the utmost care and precision have been taken. At Maxivision, we pride ourselves in being the best in everything. Our cutting edge technology enables us to break new patterns every time, thus setting us apart in the field of ophthalmology.

Eye Care Technology Visumax Zeiss Technology In Hyderabad

LIPIFLOW Miracle by Johnson & Johnson

The Lipiflow Miracle technology is a miraculous and painless 12-minutes long permanent solution for the rapidly growing chronic eye diseases like Dry eye and MGD (Meibomian gland dysfunction) affecting more than 300 million people around the world today.

Eye Hospital Technology Abbott Technology In Hyderabad

LipiScan TM Dynamic Meibomian Imager

The Lipiscan with Dynamic Meibomian Imaging (DMI) is the first dedicated HD Meibomian gland imager that was designed for workflow maximization and effortless integration into busy practices where-in both the lower eyelids can be imaged within a minute.

Eye Care Technology Visumax Zeiss Technology In Hyderabad

VisuMax®, ZEISS

The Visumax is the latest technology, and a high-performance Laser unit to perform all kinds of Lasik Surgeries, and Corneal ablations.

Eye Hospital Technology Abbott Technology In Hyderabad


ReLEx SMILE is the 3rd generation laser vision correction and the first ever minimally invasive and flapless procedure to treat a multitude of refractive errors in the eyes.

Laser Eye Treatment Technology In Hyderabad

iFS® Advanced Femtosecond Laser

The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser is the next generation intralase technology that offers highly individualized and customized Lasik Flap creation without Blade. Thus, eliminating any flap related complications in normal Lasik surgeries.

Eye Treatment Technology In Hyderabad

Catalys® Precision Laser System

Catalys is a high precision laser-guided system for all Cataract Surgeries, which is today's best solution for Robotic Cataract Surgeries. This high-end, technologically-advanced Machine is by Johnson & Johnson.

Eye Care Technology In India

ZYOPTIX® Bausch & Lomb

Zyoptix by Bausch and Lomb is the new personalized laser vision correction system to give the patient an accurate vision, correcting all Refractive errors. Thus, giving permanent freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

Retina Eye Technology In Hyderabad

MillenniumTM Microsurgical System

Millenium is a state-of-the-art Vitreo Retina Surgical Unit in the country. It uses a new generation computer software that helps the surgeons to reduce the risk of thermal injury to the cornea and incision during surgeries and increases efficiency.

Cataract Surgery Technology In Hyderabad

ORATM System

ORA System technology is an advanced sophisticated device that is used to provide accurate measurements of the patient's eye during a cataract surgery with which the surgeon can formulate a personalized treatment for the patient.

Vitreo Retina Surgeries Technology In Hyderabad


Constellation Vision System is a full-functional system that uses advanced technologies to deliver high-performance Vitreo Retina Surgeries with micro incision, and lesser impact on the eye. It provides high-speed cutting, illumination for visualizing tissues and gives an integrated surgical experience to the patient.

Patient Speak

  • Eye Hospital In Hyderabad Saryu

    "I have been visiting the Maxivision hospital for 4 years now and I can confidently say that they have always been a reliable support to all my eye care issues. They use the latest technology, techniques and treatments that are painless and highly effective."

    Mr Saryu Roy

  • Maxivision Eye Care Hospital Reviews

    "I believe Dr. K. Prasad Reddy is like a god in a human disguise. He has given my eyes a new light with just a small and painless surgery. I sincerely appreciate the Team Maxivision for taking good care of my well being. You can definitely trust them."

    V. V. Vinayak

  • I have been coming to Maxivision for the last 4-5 years and I/m very much satisfied with the services given by the doctors and the staff members.

    Dr N V Gautam

  • We've been coming for 8 years. We are satisfied with the good doctors and the staff is very good in guiding.

    L Padmaja Reddy

  • Very detailed diagnostic and clear explanation in simple term. Thank you Maxivision

    G Laxmninarayana

  • We had come to Maxivisoin for 2nd review, the overall dedication and support by the staff is unbelievable and very pleasant. Would surely rate a 5 Star. Thank you to all the staff members and doctors for giving us complete support and assurance within a stipulated time.

    Neelavathi Balasukramanyam

  • Very helpful staff. Very Quick and efficient service. Doctors and optometrists were very efficient and pleasant.

    K Kamakshi

  • Extremely good hospitality and care. Treatment is excellent

    G Manjunath

  • Very Smooth and relevant help given.

    Ishita Mistry

  • Excellent courtesy, Treatment Excellent, we are very happy about overall experience

    P Balaramani

  • We were guided well by the staff. Doctor is very supportive.


  • Our daughter had a PRK done for refractive error correction and we had a very good experience throughout the process. Coming from overseas, the counsellor was very helpful in responding to our enquiries and guiding us in getting things done smoothly. Thank you, Maxivision.