Silent killer of vision

Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which damage to the optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. It is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness and preventable with timely check-up with a Glaucoma Specialist.


  • Advanced Field Analyzers (HFA)
  • Trabeculectomy Surgeries
  • Yag Laser Iridotomy
  • Glaucoma Medications and Management
  • Other Glaucoma Surgeries


Glaucoma come undetected. If detected earlier, it can be treated with medical or surgical procedures; sometimes, even advanced surgeries.

Expert Glaucoma Surgeons

Eye Specialist In Hyderabad Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy

Dr. K.P. Reddy

Chief Cataract & Refractive Surgeon

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Glaucoma Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr Anita Kamarthy

Dr. Anitha C Kamarthy

Sr. Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon

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Lasik And Icl Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr Pothireddyrohini

Dr. Rohini

Sr. Cataract, Lasik & ICL Surgeon

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Glucoma Consultant In Hyderabad Dr Anil Kumar Bathula

Dr. Anil Kumar Bathula

Sr. VP - Clinical

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Vitreo Retinal Surgeon In Hyderabad Dr P Muralidhar Rao

Dr. Sreenivas Rao CH

Senior Glaucoma & General Ophthalmologist

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  • Our daughter had a PRK done for refractive error correction and we had a very good experience throughout the process. Coming from overseas, the counsellor was very helpful in responding to our enquiries and guiding us in getting things done smoothly. Thank you, Maxivision.