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Retina Services

The retina can be imagined as the film of a camera on which the optics of the eye create an image of the visual world. Light striking the retina initiates a cascade of chemical and electrical events that ultimately trigger nerve impulses, which when to the brain through the optic nerve, help us see.

This Retina is prone to many diseases and one of the conditions that affect Retina is 'Diabetic Retinopathy'. Though diabetic patient are more prone to Diabetic Retinopathy it can even affect a normal person. Therefore it is recommended to get your retina examined at least for every six months. This would help the doctor diagnose any critical condition in time and help reduce any further damage to your retina.

Chairman's Desk

Hard work is my Effort and Destiny is my decision maker. In 1974 i was qualified from Guntur Medical college, 1978 MS Gen Surgery from Stanley Medical college, 1985 DO (Dublin), 1986 MRCOphth (London).

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