The beauty of a soul is reflected is one’s eyes. However, there is a lot more to eyes than what fills our first glace. Here are some stunning facts about the eye that can enthrall you.

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    May 20th 2016 – Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospital, one of the leading eye care facilities in India, today announced a Back to School initiative to support students returning to school after an unusually hot summer.

Permanent contact lens is a procedure for those who are not candidate for Refractive Laser surgeries. Artificial lens like PCL (Artisan) or Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) is implanted/positioned inside the eye.  Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) is also known as Visian ICL, which is made up of Collamer material and can be used to correct Myopic,Hyperopicand Astigmatism.

What is Collamer?

Collamer which is extremely biocompatible in nature and is very soft and foldable & because of the biocompatibility, the eye recovers faster. The pliable nature of the material allows the lens to be folded so small that it can be inserted through a 3mm incision. No sutures are required. Collamer contains a UV filter which protects against the negative effects of the sun on the crystalline lens and the retina with our eye.

How ICL works?

ICL is a permanent intraocular contact lens which works similarly to a contact lens.  The difference is that the ICL is implanted inside the eye, rather than on the surface.  It is positioned behind the iris and in front of the natural lens and is not attached to any structures inside the eye and doesn’t move around. It is designed to remain inside the eye & doesn’t get dirty and needs no maintenance like contact lenses.

Advantages of ICL procedure

Wide range of correction (Safe and effective also for very high degrees!). A  Better quality of vision (High Definition vision). It has got  better predictability and stability (No regression!) along with the better night vision. During the procedure no tissue is permanently removed from the cornea & it is removable (reversibility of the surgery) & got very fast recovery. 

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