The Underrated Threat
Dry Eye & Meibomian Gland Disorder

Our eyes have 3 outer layers - the outermost oily layer of lipids, the aqueous layer in the middle and the cornea. The outermost lipid layer prevents rapid evaporation of the water in the eyes, keeping them moist, dirt-free and protected from allergens.

Due to air pollution, there has been a reduction in the daily average blink rate by over 60% worldwide, due to increased computer usage, smoking, changes in hormonal levels in women during menopause, and regular usage of contact lens - degrading the outer layer due to blocked Meibomian Glands in our eyelids that produce these lipids.

When these gland get clogged or get dried up due to excessive strain on the eyes and reduced blinking, fluid in the eyes gets evaporated quickly leading to redness, itching, foreign object feeling, and infections.

Sounds familiar? Well, it's time you acknowledge and understand what your symptoms mean with our simple "DIY Dry Eye Diagnosis" questionnaire.

K.P. Reddy

M.B, DO, MRCOphth
Chief Cataract & Refractive Surgeon

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Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011, this technology has been nothing less than a miracle for one of the most prevalent and growing ailments of the eye in the modern world - Dry Eye and MGD (Meibomian gland Dysfunction).

Traditional treatment for MGD & Dry Eyes included an elaborate course of eye drops and other manual processes that had a few associated risk factors. Moreover, these did not guarantee a permanent solution either.

LipiFlow by Johnson & Johnson Vision, is a successful, risk-free, painless and only 12-minutes long permanent solution for a chronic condition that affects more than 300+ million people around the world today.

Understanding this Breakthrough Technology

A Four Step Diagnosis and a permanent solution


First the LipiScan imaging device examines your Meibomian glands to help our doctor make a thorough diagnosis of the severity of your symptoms.


If it's determined that you do have MGD or a critical condition of Dry Eyes, you will be directed by our doctor to proceed with receiving the 12-minute LipiFlow treatment.


Next, the system's activators-dome-shaped, single-use sterile devices-are placed on your eyes by our doctor. Their vaulted shape keeps your corneas protected during the treatment, which focuses on the inner eyelids, where the Meibomian glands are located.


The Vector Thermal Pulsation technology in the activators sends heat and pulsating pressure into the glands inside your lids that massage any blockages to liquefy and clear the obstructions that are causing your symptoms immediately, without any side effects.